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Publications of the Korean Astronomical Society Vol.34 No.1 pp.1-16


Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences Chungnam National University
Department of Astronomy and Space Sciences Chungnam National University


「Hon-Chon-Jeon-Do」is a woodcut star map with the size of 79.4 cm × 127.5 cm, and was widely disseminated as it was made into a set with Kim, Jung Ho’s 「Yeoji-Jeon-Do」. This study confirmed that Yixiang kaocheng xubian (『의상고성속편』) star catalogue was used as a source to produce the star map, and the stereographic projection was applied with the projection center being the mid-point (Q) between the celestial and ecliptic north poles. The ‘mid-circle’ around the Q is arisen between the equator and the ecliptic, and on this circle, the hour angle and the ecliptic longitude of a star can be marked using the same scale. This means that the hour of the day and the season of the year can be read on the same dial of the mid-circle, and the application of this character in the practical use was the key point of the star map production. By observing either transits or positions of the 28 xiu (宿), it is easy to find the corresponding season and time by simply reading the dial on the mid-circle. This is just the function of a portable almanac and thus by disseminating it widely, the convenience of the people would have been promoted. For this reason, it can be stated that 「Hon-Chon-Jeon-Do」 was a practical astronomical tool which was produced by the western astronomical projection method and was used to find time and season. Choi, Han Ki and Kim, Jung Ho are strong candidates for the makers of this star map. The time of production is estimated to be 1848 ~ 1857, and「Hon-Chon-Jeon-Do」could be regarded as a good contributor to popularization of astronomy in the late Joseon Dynasty.




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