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This is the guideline for the preparation and submission of manuscripts to the Publications of the Korean Astronomical Society (hereafter PKAS). This guideline may be revised without notice and the authors are advised to check the up-to-date version of this document available online in the PKAS web page (, which is in fact this one. For submitting a paper, please contact the PKAS Editorial Office (

1. Scope

A. Scope

The Publications of the Korean Astronomical Society, PKAS, is an international scientific journal publishing papers in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics with a view to the advancement of the frontier knowledge. The PKAS is published three times annually (April 30, August 31, and December 31) depending on the number of manuscripts submitted, and the types of papers that may be submitted are either research or review papers. Review papers are to be restricted to those requested by the Board of Editors.

2. Preparing a Manuscript

A. Language and Manuscript style

Papers may be written in English or Korean. In the case of papers in Korean, the title and the name(s) of the author(s) are to be written in both Korean and English (Roman alphabet), and the abstract must be written in English. In the case of papers in English, a separate Korean abstract is unnecessary. In writing papers, a word processing program acknowledged by the Society (English-Korean LaTeX or Hangul) is to be used. Sample files may be obtained from the Downloadable Forms.

B. Structure

In case the primary author (first author) is not the corresponding author, the corresponding author is to be indicated separately. As for figures and tables, only those mentioned in the main body may be inserted and are to be numbered with Arabic numerals. Figures and tables must have titles and explanations in English. Figures must be clearly discernible in print and legible on computers. The units of the parameters used in the tables must be indicated and explained. The list of reference works is to include only documents cited in the main body and to be placed at the end of the paper.

3. Submitting a Manuscript

A. First and revised submissions before acceptance

Manuscripts are to be submitted through the electronic submission system . A single processed document file in either postscript or PDF format, and a cover letter are necessary for the review stage. The document file should contain all the contents, and the cover letter is for the correspondence with the scientific editor. The author who first submits the manuscript is considered to be the corresponding author, and in charge of all the correspondence thereafter.

Research papers must not have been published in other academic journals and all are reviewed by the manuscript reviewers. Matters related to manuscript reviews are to follow the PKAS Paper Review Guide.

B. Final submission after acceptance

After the manuscript is accepted, the authors are requested to submit the original manuscript file (in LaTex, hangul, or word) and figure files. Tables should be included into the manuscript file. The final submission should contain exactly the same content as the accepted version.

4. Proofs, page charge and paper access

A. Proofs and page charge

As for manuscripts whose publication has been approved, galley proofs are sent to the paper submitter(s) before printing. The author(s) is/are to be responsible for the first proofreading of the galley proofs, and the Board of Editors is to be responsible for the manuscripts after the second proofreading, respectively.

As for the papers published, paper charges are imposed. However, review papers are to be exempt from paper charges. As for offprints of the papers, up to 50 copies are provided free of charge upon request from the author(s).

B. Paper access

The entire text of the papers published may be downloaded free of charge from the Society homepage and Korea Science (, the database of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI).

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